Saturday, 30 November 2013

Joplin Custom Jewelry Design
Joplin Custom Jewelry Design
Jewelry Designs of Joplin, Missouri has served the community proudly since 1981. Jewelry Designs is a local, family owned and operated business where much pride is taken in your overall jewelry care. Lindsay Clevenger, President and jewelry creator, has been creating custom jewelry most of his life. Lindsay is truly an artist, and takes pleasure in the customer loyalty he holds with his clients. Lindsay becomes more than someone you do business with, he becomes a friend to you and your family. Jewelry Designs specializes in Premium and Certified Diamonds, Custom Jewelry Design, Repairs, Appraisals, and Gold Recycling. They also hand sculpt all jewelry molds, which you don't find from commercial companies.
Lindsay Clevenger was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas. He bears in mind at the really young age of twelve telling his cousin that he would one day own a jewelry store. He was always imaginative and enjoying with art, although he did not know where this fond love would take him.

In his early 20s Lindsay found a few neighborhood jewelry artists that he befriended and trained under. They educated him the best ways to genuinely set diamonds with care, and as much as they understood about jewelry repair. At the time he was attending Ozark Christian College where he found his Christian faith. To this day he credits all his success to the Lord.

Lindsay's passion for jewelry design has never lessened. "It is like I just sat down at the piano and began to play", he claims.

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